Trying out Windows 7

Hi – just trying the features of Windows 7. It’s been a little rocky getting off the ground – lots of things no longer work, or still don’t work, and some things work really well.

What I like:

1. Speed – new machine goes really fast.

2. Interface is pretty. I like the really big display.

What I don’t like:

1. iPhone calendar still won’t sync. At all. All the other Outlook stuff syncs OK.

2. Palm TX won’t sync – and Palm has cut loose all tech support. Rumor has it that it will still sync over bluetooth, and I’m ordering a bluetooth dongle to try it out – the idea is that the Palm can fill in for the not-working iPhone calendar. If the iPhone ever syncs I won’t need the Palm (though the Palm calendar is much prettier and more useful than the iPhone calendar).

3. Wacom tablet drivers don’t exist – my tablet is too old. Again, rumors of a work-around, but haven’t tried it yet.

4. Networking is funky – has trouble seeing our network drive.

5. Goes to sleep really often – and when it does, it stops streaming audio. iTunes can’t keep it awake. I don’t know if WMP works.


More updates later…

Happy trails.

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